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The inspiration for our event is the Dipsea Race held each June in Mill Valley, California. The Dipsea course is a technical challenge that takes runners on a point-to-point trail adventure. The hills of the Medoc Spring Races are no where near as challenging, but we did our best to replicate the 7.5 mile distance.


Our route will navigate the Bluff Loop and climb 32 stairs that is followed by a steep decent back to Little Finish Creek. Yes, you need to climb stairs. . . but 32 stairs seems pretty easy when compared to the 672 steps at Dipsea.


Runners will continue on Bluff Loop keeping the creek on their right until they get to the main bridge crossing at the bottom of Discovery Loop. After crossing the bridge runners will do the Summit Loop in a counter-clockwise direction. Unlike the Medoc Trail Races (held in October), we will not use Dam Site Loop. Instead runners will plunge down the remainder of the incredibly steep Summit Loop back to the bridge. Once across the bridge runners will then finish Discovery Loop before returning to the main shelter.


Make no mistake, this is a challenging course. We intentionally picked a route in the opposite direction of the Medoc Trail Races that creates some stair climbing like Dipsea, and some steep declines with loose footing. Even if you are watching every step, you still could take a tumble.


You can review the official park map.


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