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  • If passing or getting passed be aware of your surroundings and do so with care.

  • If you bump into a person, keep running. . . but apologize.

  • If you knock a person down, stop and make sure they are okay.

  • If a person is coming up behind you, do not intentionally block their path.

  • Do not listen to music on the trails.  This will 100% disqualify you from the race.  You are welcome to sing.

  • Listen to the volunteers and park officials.  If you have enough breath, thank them when you pass.

  • Do not throw trash on the trail.  It is more work for the volunteers.

  • Do not use profanity on the trail.  We are proud to have ages 7-74 racing and nobody needs to hear that.



  • A fast runner is NOT a jerk.  A runner who is slow is NOT a jerk.  A person who needs to walk is NOT a jerk.

  • A person who runs by you and does not speak is NOT a jerk.  They are racing and need to pass you.

  • A person who does not stop their running to get out of your way is NOT a jerk.  They should not intentionally block your path, but they are racing too.

  • A person who sprints by a child, woman, or senior runner near the finish is NOT a jerk.  Those runners had a head start and everyone is on an even playing field.

  • A person who does not announce they are passing is NOT a jerk.  It is always preferred to announce a pass, but let's be honest.  Those that do not get a head start need to pass 200+ runners to win.  They can't announce a pass every time.

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